Gyrojet adaptor

This device was made to fire a .30 cal. Gyrojet from a standard rifle chambered for the 7.62x51. Made by or for Ft. Detrick Special Operation Division, Maryland. Two known.

Very interesting device! Let me ask was it planned to fire Gyrojet through smooth bore or rifled? If rifle’s bore was rifled it’s very interesting how Gyrojet was fired because of quite low start velocity of rocket… Was adaptor loaded by boosting charge too?

This device has a firing pin which extends through the body and hits the primer in the base of the Gyrojet. This came from Gerald Yonetz who was the head of the Hardware department at Ft. Detrick SOD. He died before finding any futher info. about it. He destroyed 50 + boxes of his papers before I got him to stop.

Thank you for info! Very interesting and too sad what information was lost.

Too true.