Hello everyone,
Does anyone know any more about this gyroscope, from which year, who made it. I think it’s a G7 torpedo but I’m not sure about a servo motor that was manufactured in Dayton.

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The G7 was used after the war by several countries. So a later modification is entirely possible.

Thank You for the fast response. I was not sure which time it was a gyroscope because I knew all about the original torpedoes and parts of torpedoes from Rijeka. I have data for everything from 1875 until today. I can find everything by serial number but this gyroscope is not known to me.
The picture is the original gyroscope made in Rijeka.

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Nice! Are you related to Fiume and Whitehead research?

FIUME (It) RIJEKA (Cr)“River”
Originally Austro-Hungarian, Then
Italian 1918-1945, Then Yugoslavia, 1945-1991 Now Croatia.
Whitehead, the designer of the Self propelled Torpedo , after being ignored by Britain and US, settled at the A-H Naval base of Trieste , and set up his Factory there for the AH Navy. FIUME was an Ethnic Italian Enclave in the Dalmatian area of AH, and also had a Naval installation ( as did Pola and Zara, further down the Adriatic coast of Dalmatia.)
The Whitehead family remained in Trieste right through WWI and II, and the company became Italian after 1918 ( Trieste became Italian) and because the NZ commander who had occupied Trieste in 1945 kept the Titoist Red forces out ( " Here we are, and here we stay!")
Trieste was retained by Italy post 1945.
The company became Whitehead- Moto-fides, still makes Torpedoes and high capability Water craft engines.
Doc AV