H.& D. Folsom .22 box


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HD Folsom was a sporting goods supplier when this box was sold. Later they specialized in leather goods like holsters. These boxes were primarily made in the 1930’s and sold for 50 cents. I think most of these types of boxes were made by Rem-umc and sold to their retailers. The boxes can be found in 22 caliber (both for 50 rds and 20 rds), 45 auto, 38 special mid range, and 30-06. They were advertised for shooting competition and commonly referred to as Camp Perry cartridge boxes. Camp Perry being the location for the National matches in the US. They seemed to phase out of this style in the world war and post war period. Other companies continued making them later on and they are still made today but in plastic. They would help the shooter keep track of the number of shots fired. They make a nice collectible for the hayday of competition shooting coming with a wide variety on names on sporting goods and gun companies.


I have a number of these Camp Perry boxes . All with gun shop/sporting goods advertising. I used to work at this shop. 1961-'65 and then again '70-'75. They have been in business since 1896. Still in business but no longer sell guns or ammo.


I had no idea this loading block was a category of advertising matter, as the one I’ve known for 60-odd years was originally sold by Thurman Randle & Co. and marked with his Akard Street address in Dallas. I’ve seen these in Randle’s American Rifleman ads back into the late 1930s, and my father likely bought this one at Randle’s about 1948. Not only is it nostalgic as all get-out but it’s the way to use a single shot 22 and actually know how many rounds you’ve fired. Jack


When I shot 50 Ft. Smallbore on my high school rifle team, everyone
on the team had one or more of these wood boxes. Some were plain,
some were marked with various sellers. I bought at least one at one
time or another from Gil Hebard Guns, I think he was Illinois. Not sure
how it was marked. Don’t even know if I still have it. I checked my old
shooting box, which I still have and was sold by Badger Shooting Supply,
Owen, Wisconsin, although as I recall I got it from Wisler-Western, in
Downtown San Francisco. I have a walnut cartridge box from Badger as
well, and probably got it when I got the shooting kit box. It holds fifty
rounds in holes, and then has a cut out for a 50 round box, as well. I have
another box like that, with no maker or seller’s marks, made of walnut but
for 50 rounds in holes, only. I am sure from the hardware that it is of the same
manufacture as the other walnut box I described. I also have a 50 round box
made of yellowish wood with short brown stripes and undertones (cedar?) marked:
NRA (in monogram style)
My fourth one is also what I believe to be Cedar, for 50 rounds in holes and a
box of 50 rounds. It is unmarked. Over my four years of small-bore shooting,
I had others, but I gave some away after I stopped shooting small bore. I don’t recall
anything about markings of any kind on them.

I can understand why some collect these boxes. I am not into .22 ctg. collecting
at all, but have kept these for more years than I care to remember.

John Moss