H & R headstamped .222 Remington


Who made (or distribuated) the .222 Remington with “H & R” headstamp.


They come in a black, blue & white end flap box labeled " H&R Blue Streak"
The logo reminds one of the Harrington & Richardson logo. However it is unknown to me, if by the gun maker H&R. The only clue to maker is on the back as it says "MADE in FINLAND"
If you need a photo let me know. Sold a box in our sale 5 at lot 206 & photo there.


Pete–Thanks for the additional information. It could stand for Harrington & Richardson, but I doubt it, especially on .222 Remington.

Yes, please post a photo.


It seems more than coincidental that in the 1970s Harrington and Richardson offered a .222 caliber rifle, the Model 317, also known as the “Ultra Wildcat,” with action made by Sako of Finland. If these .222 cartridges were made in Finland, as has been stated, perhaps they were made by Sako for H & R, for some sort of promotion. Just a thought. I remember the rifles - they were very well done and looked somewhat like a short action Weatherby. They also offered it in .17 Remington and .223 Remington calibers.


John–I was not aware of the Harrington & Richardson .222 Rem. rifles. With that piece of information and the SAKO and “Made in Finland” on the box, it all adds up as pretty conclusive evidence that that the “H & R” headstamp does indeed mean “Harrington & Richardson”. Until I have proof otherwise that (with a question mark) is how I’m listing it in my database.



Nice box picture. That is so much the H&R Logo that if this ammo was not made for Harrington and Richardson, then H & R should have sued the company that did make it for trademark infringement! That coupled with the H & R Model 317 Rifle would indicate to me that this is definitely an H & R sales product, probably produced by Sako, the same company that made the action of the 317 Rifle.


Yes, had it in the lot desc. it was very like the H&R logo, but no proof till your comments about the Sako rifles chambering & time line.