H.Utendoerffer 9.3x72R

I believe this to be a “H.Utendoerffer Nurenberg” 9.3x72. Because I fished it out of a discount bin together with a Gecado 9.3x72 which was in a perfect condition and side-by-side they looked identical. How do I clean the primer?

Others will be able to give you advice re cleaning this case/primer.

As for the case type, it looks like a 9.3x72R D Express because of the significant taper at the base. Measurements would confirm this. The Utendoerffer “D” 9.3x72R cases are known with the common “H.UTENDOERFFER NÜRNBERG” hs you mention (note spelling) and also an “H.UTENDOERFFER D” hs - which looks possible for your example.

Less likely is that it is a 9.3x72R E Express in which case it could have an “H.UTENDOERFFER 360” or “H.UTENDOERFFER 360E” hs.

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I cleaned it with brass wool. And “D” stands for…?


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