Hacked by Ghost61

I assume some other people saw the hacked situation earlier this morning on the IAA homepage, by the so called “Ghost61” hacker? I did a Google search for the term “Hacked by Ghost61” and apparently he’s done allot of that sort of thing all over the world. Here’s the image that temporarily replaced the IAA homepage:

I sent a copy of the image to an online international forum folder at the University of Maine near where I live, and a Turkish student actually replied and said this about the image:

[quote]The message in Turkish is a part of a famous poem by a famous Turkish poet named Mehmet Akif Ersoy (who has also written the Turkish National Anthem). It has been written to praise the soldiers who fought and defended their land in the historical Canakkale (it is also known as Galliboli) War against England and Australia in 1918. It is tricky to make a direct translation but this part of the poem talks about our appreciation to whom defended the country in Canakkale War.

About the picture, the monument on the right of the picture is the monument for all the soldiers who died there and the statue on the left of the picture shows a Turkish soldier carrying a wounded Australian soldier. Both monuments are still in Canakkale city in Turkey.[/quote]

Weird thing for a hacker to leave behind???

I received another reply from a different Turk student who said this about the message:

[quote]Hi Matthew,
I am from Turkey
This is very embarrassing but this hacker is an ultra nationalist who has no idea what he is up to. It is a reference to the Dardanelles War in 1914 World War 1 this illusioned hacker believes that he is fighting an online warfare against website he believes to be insulting his country. May I ask what your website was about ? I am curious whether this is a random hack or a targeted hack? [/quote]

Even weirder…??

I discovered that also, and spent some time checking my computer to see if I was in trouble or it was the website.
Anyway it was not a good job, because it was possible to enter the website and to see the forum by connecting via the website email box.

This clown managed to do this to the home pages of about 6 websites we run, most have some military or firearms connection.
I suspect many more sites that share out hosting service also got hit. He is pretty good at breaking through to post his image on many sites, so I think it is an ego thing to show off.
We could have restored the main page a lot faster but left it up so our hosting service could see if he left any clues to help prevent future attacks.

Gunbroker has been a problem for a couple of days, and Auction Arms was also a problem…so he may have messed with those also…Randy