Hague Convention of 1899

I read this nice explanation of Hague rules https://sofrep.com/gear/u-s-army-adopts-hollow-point-ammo/.
What happens if a country signs a treaty like this and then changes its name, or even whole govenment?
Does this annul the signature?

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If a new government walks away from an international treaty signed by a previous government, the other nations cannot do much.
It shows the other nations that there is no point to enter into serious negotiations with the new government, because it cannot be trusted. In the long term this has negative consequences beyond the original treaty.

The article you cite presents the legal position of the United States regarding the status of their military small arms rounds with deforming and/or fragmenting bullets. I know of no other nation that shares the U.S. view regarding general military use of these bullet types outside of hostage-freeing operations.