Halloween ammo

Right, Here’s my answer to the zombie/vampire/werewolf/witch menace.
I fully intend to make this as soon as I can get a wooden bullet blank that’s a double up. Something of at least .30-06.

Wooden bulleted blank with a drilled point with a small vial of holy water in it with a silver cross inset into the projectile.

A bit like this:

Wood should take care of vampires as should silver, which will pull double duty for werewolves and the water should help take care of witches. And just for the hell of it, for extra safety, I’m gonna try and find a friendly priest to have it blessed.
And lets face it, 8 rounds in a Garand clip is gonna stop most zombie’s too.

If anyone spots any supernatural beings I’ve forgotten please tell me so I can figure out how to improve my round.

And sorry about the bad photo-shopping. And thanks for the original photo Phil (better to beg forgiveness than ask permission I’ve always said)

On second thoughts-does anyone know of a .50 BMG wooden blank?

Very inventive. If you ever make ammo with silver bullets, I’ll buy it from you. I’ll take gold too. Is Halloween popular down under?

The shops/bars try to capitalise on it but it’s not that big at all. We’ve got a bag of lollies hung on the fence and that’s it.

Halloween is the 2nd biggest commercial (people buying stuff) holiday in the USA. , after Christmas.

In an old AMI magazine from Belgium was this little joke article from many years ago with this bullet shown:

There was also an article in Guns magazine from the mid 80’s where Magsafe inventor Joe Zambone did an article on lathe-turning solid oak bullets for indoor practice which he dubbed “anti-vampire” rds.

Halloween, New York style