Hansen 357 Magnum Combat Hollow Point


I am guessing that the word “combat” was suggested by Hansen’s marketing department and there is nothing special about this box.



To the best of my knowledge, none of the Hansen-branded stuff (IMI or otherwise) were loaded with any really unusual projectiles.

FYI, some boxes of the Fiocchi 9mm 123gr FMJTC also carry the ‘Combat’ label. No idea why, since it’s a mild FMJTC load, and none of their other 9mm FMJ loads have the label.

A long while back, a friend of mine overseas suggested that due to certain restrictions in some European countries on civilian usage/purchase of ammunition, various products were labeled ‘target’, ‘defence’ etc. I’ve never seen anything on paper to back this up, nor have the marketing/labeling examples I’ve seen been consistent enough to suggest a govt mandate.


All FMJ, JHP and JSP handgun loads by HCC were named “Combat”, except for .45 ACP 230 grs FMJ Military.