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What ever happened to Hansen, as I haven’t seen a box of their ammunition for a very long time. What I have seen under that brand was stuff imported from Yugoslavia. I had understood that there was some connection with an antique arms dealer. I remember there was a cover picture of Hansen ammo on one of the earlier editions of COTW.

Jay Hansen ran the company out of Connecticut, and he used to come to some East Coast gun and cartridge shows. Various financial situations apparently ended the business. You will find Hansen ammo from both Israel and Yugoslavia. A couple of veteran IAA members used to work with/for him.

It was featured on both covers of COTW, 7th edition.

All the way back in 1993


Some image of Hansen Company 5.56, whit IK markings

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I bought two boxes of these at a gun show yesterday at eight dollars a box is it only two boxes he had

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I just bought 10 boxes of 55grn .223 for 50.00 at my local gun store. ![15658933995926821822577498170818|690x1419](upload://gurgm4ZTgllKWNLV0zZvMB3s1L.j

I came across some HCC ammunition in an range box of mine, made in Yugoslavia. If I recall correctly, HCC was one of my favorite target ammunitions to shoot. I reckon ol Hansen just couldn’t compete with Armscor

As mentioned some ammunition was made in Yugoslavia, when the war took place he lost a all the production still stored their and the ability to manufacture more. The money he lost was A LOT. He still has an antique gun retail outlet in Conn.
Photo of Jay (long pants) & I at the UMC / Remington Bridgeport Conn. shot tower ca 1991 next to Peters shot gun shell loading machinery that had not yet been moved to AK.


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Hansen Guns

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I am curious which headstamp has come first: IK or HCC? I’d guess HCC was the latest headstamp just before the Balkan Wars started.

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I have a 5.56 with an 84 date and one with an 85 date

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I brought this with me from the last SLICS.

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I recently obtained the following dummy and the case from a very well connected US collector who obtained them from Jay Hansen quite a few years ago. He apparently knew Hansen well. These apparently came from Israel. I was impressed since I had only documented one of these dummies before. I suspect these are display items for trade shows like the Shot Show. The third round from the left has some corrosion viable on the case.

The one that confuses me is the empty case on the far left. This case has been reportedly made by the Canyon Cartridge Co of Long Island NY. Google turns up nothing on them. The story is that Canyon only made cartridge cases and supplied them to loaders. The only dates I can associate with these cartridges are from the early 1990s. They reportedly sold cases with the buyers headstamp, and the CCC headstamp was only used on sample cases for their salesmen. I have never documented a loaded round with the CCC headstamp.

Although this case was with the IMI group from Hansen, I think Hansen just got it mixed in. The other option is that IMI was making cases for Canyon and this makes no sense to me.
If you have information on CCC, please don’t post it here, but go to the thread I am starting to try and find out more on Canyon.
Topic on CCC

Comments on the IMI dummy rounds is welcome!


PS: click on the images to view them about three times the size in the post.


Being a proponent of the 6.5x55mm cartridge I bought and shot a lot of Hansen ammunition in that caliber. I always wondered why the head stamp seemed to be Cyrillic. Later, I found out Priv Partizan Uzice (PPU) is located in Uzice (forgive me, I can’t duplicate the pronunciation symbols), Serbia, which used to be part of Yugoslavia.
I still have a few rounds left out of a Hansen box and a bit more with PPU boxes. I still have some of the ‘old’ head stamped cases.

Yesterday I found and bought a box of sixteen cartridges (left) in 6.5x55mm. Box marked as PPU and identified as ‘made in Yugoslavia’.

I never knew what happened to Hansen.

Isn’t this the remains of Hansen ?

At least that Southport address was the one Hansen Cartridge used when it was operating. I believe at the time, most of what Hansen sold was imported from PPU and Igman, I think some Israeli IMI ammo was sourced by them also. The seventh edition of COTW had Hansen ammunition as its cover picture.

This is a YouTube clip about Igman’s ammunition factory in Bosnia: Igman Ammunition - In Depth Look At Their Ammunition Manufacturing - YouTube