Hanyang type 88 clip

Hi everyone, I’m looking for some images and informations about the clip used in the Chinese Hanyang type 88 rifle; I heard that they are brass made Mauser M88 clips but I don’t know how true it is.
I’m also interested in knowing when the Chinese army switched to S bullets.


It’s impossible to know for certain whether this is an early Chinese clip, but it’s one of only a very few brass clips I’ve ever seen for the Commission Rifle. I bought it empty of cartridges, with no provenance and it’s completely unmarked.


I have two Hanyang’s, both made in January 1940, both 21st Arsenal. One (the later one) uses the “en bloc” clip, the other (the earlier one) has a modification similar to the 88/05 Commission rifle with a different follower and a spring loaded “lip” projecting from the side of the magazine well to hold the cartridge on the follower. There are no clip guides milled into the receiver bridge.

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Thanks, it’s interesting that in 1940 were manufactured both the versions, probably due to the shortage of machinery in China…

My clips look identical to Peters, but one is marked.



Lawks a’mercy Lew … that marked one’s a real treat, thank you !!


Pete and Lew, what is the Brass thickness of these P88 Clips.
I am having made a P88 steel clip tooling for Replica production in
AISI 1055 spring steel ( to be hardened, tempered and blued)…for both collection and use
(Dated 2019 & 20)
I am already making M91 Carcano and M1890 Berthier clips, and assembling Tinplate and Wood
M1870/87 V-V clips.
Will be doing Berthier M16, and RSC 17 Chargeurs in 2020.

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If that helps you, the German clips were made from steel strips 0.5 mm thick.

Chinese M88 brass en-bloc clip also use 0.50mm brass plate

Sheng or someone, Can you translate the characters on my clip???


This clip was made by Beiyang Army
Here is the link about the Army:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beiyang_Army


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Sheng Xiansheng, xie-xie.
Lao Fan
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