Happy Memorial (American Anzac) Day 2009

Many happy returns to all the veterans, wherever you are!! I was driving through New Jersey and saw these cannons, looked appropriate for the occasion. If anyone was stationed in Ft.Braggs in 1966 and 1969, send me your real name by PM. I may be able to find you in the Braggs “year book”.

Here are photos from Danbury,CT Memorial Day Parade. I am trying to show how an average US parade looks to the ammo collectors who live somewhere else in the world. Sorry, I missed a flyover photo of some kind of a fighter-bomber, it just dashed out of the blue.

Thanks for the photos, Vlad. EVERYBODY loves a parade!

Vlad - May I add my thanks as well. I wish a pensive, but happy Memorial Day to all our veterans, from whatever country and service, who served in defense of their nations. I include in that all police officers and firemen, male and female of course,and all the other agencies like the Park and Forest Services, and our paramedics at every level of government, many of whom layed their lives on the line for us and our property. You are all veterans, and all to be saluted.

Land of the free, because of the brave.

Sadly in the UK any event like this would be criticised as being “un-PC”, and heckled by passers-by. I know it sounds terrible to you Americans (it seems terrible to me). But that is the time I have found myself living in.