Happy New Year 2010


Ho-ho-he-ha-happy 2010 year to all from sunny Tampa, Florida!!! I am still looking for a local gun shop to salvage some ammo. Notice a REAL 12g shotgun above the fireplace in this local Cracker Barrel, curiously the dining customers ate their food without panic and left without calling police.


Happy New Year Vlad, and to all our other Forum users and friends as well.

John Moss


Thank you for the New Year wishes.
To you and the rest of the forum members, I wish for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2010 for all.



sksvlad, I’ve noticed that all of the CB stores I’ve visited, and some others, have old guns on the wall but usually far out of reach or wired down. Doubt most dinners even notice they are there.

I too would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and good hunting for that rare find in the months to come!


Happy New Year 2010!


You know ammo is hard to get when even the Gangbangers are conserving ammo. I live in a semi-bad neighborhood and last year for New Years it sounded like WW-II again, complete with a couple of Uzi type weapons being fired (into the air, I hope). This year I only heard 10-15 shots. Things are tough all over.


"…Uzi type weapons….)???

Ron, Ron, Ron,

Sounds like you’re writin’ for the NY Times or some such.


More importantly:
In less than 10 minutes, I’m stepping outside to launch a $14 white, parachute slap flare. In honor of all of us here on the IAA forum. Happy New Year!!!