Hi all,

I have been collecting shotshells for about 25 years now and have a question about some european shotshells.
Perhaps anybody over here can help me with them.

It is about HARPAX.

They are made in Italy and mostly exported to France or other countries.
The people I have spoken from Italy have NEVER heard of them.

They sometimes have the unusual designation for the Gauge. like 510 610 or 710 ( maybe there are more know but I have never seen them )
They are also known with ‘normal’ 20 Ga designation.
Below I show some pictures of shells and boxes that I have found so far.

The grey are different, one of them is a tracer!

This box had the grey looking 20 Ga shells inside.

any information about HARPAX is very much welcome.

regards rené

  1. All the Harpax ctges are made by Fiocchi

  2. 510, 610 and 710 designation can als0 be found on french ctges

Hi JP.

Is my assumption about export to France right?

Can you perhaps show pictures of the French cases you mention?

Regards rené

Is my assumption about export to France right?
[color=#0000FF]I found many in France. But I am not positive if I didn’t find some in Italy also[/color].

Can you perhaps show pictures of the French cases you mention?
[color=#0000FF]I am not at home right now. but I can give you the hstps
Made by MGM :
– Munitions – M.G.M – 510
– Munitions M.G.M – 610
– Munitions M.G.M – 710
JP [/color]

René and JP, I don’t know who owned the Harpax brand of shotshells, but the only guns I have ever seen using these designations were Italian Breda semiautomatic shotguns, like the model 610 (20-76 Magnum) and 710 (12-76 Magnum). My earliest reference for the Harpax cartridges is dated 1951, and for the Breda shotguns is dated 1955, when these were offered by Humbert of Saint-Étienne.

Also, there are French loaded Harpax shotshells made from Winchester cases.

Later, in the 1980’s, the Harpax brand was registered by Uberti and used for shot revolvers in .22 LR and 9 mm Flobert.



HI Fede,

you are right about the Winchester shells used by Harpax.
i had forgotten about them.

One of the harpax shells in my collection has Breda printed on the case.
Now I know why.

many regards rené