Harpoon gun picture

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That is a Greener harpoon gun, sold in the U.S. by Navy Arms in the 1970s around the time the movie “Jaws” was made.
These use a harpoon projectile which is basically a hollow tube which slides down over a barrel with very thin walls. A collar at the rear is for attaching the line, and a head with folding flukes seals the front of the tube.

The cartridge used is a blank, I believe using a .38 Special or .44 Special case.

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Spot on, this is the .38 Specials box.

Made by Kynoch for Greener from Swedish Components.


A very nice box Eightbore. I have not seen this late example. I like the Mk.2 designation.
I show the common (6 I L coded for 6 Feb 1963).
Green crimp = 14 grain loading. Red crimp = 10 grain loading.
The case is an odd .375/300.

I forgot the image.



Ron, what is the head stamp on those please. I have a plastic bag full of ones like that and never knew what they were from (obviously no box)

Also added the side view and some contents from the other box.

No loading details given on the box.



EDIT; Forgot to say the box is marked “4 J T

Not the best photo. This is the only headstamp I have seen.
Both colour crimps come with and without the ICI on the primer.

4 J T is made on 4 March 1971.
Does the Mk 11 cartridge still have the bottle-neck or just the shorter case?

Do you know I have never looked, I shall have to dig the box out and take one out and let you know.

Ron, picture of the cartridges, they are green painted on the crimp and they are not necked.

I hope the picture is ok, not one of my best.

BTW, Thanks for the date.

The necked blanks were made for the Greener Light Model Harpoon Gun/Line Throwing Gun (necked chamber), while the .38 Special blanks were made for the Mk. 2 variant. When the latter was imported by Navy Arms, original blanks were unavailable, so they offered them with a Navy Arms box filled with Winchester tool blanks.

Odd info:
I remember seeing a harpoon gun chambered in .45-70 Gov’t, perhaps a Line Trowing Gun that someone put a harpoon setup on??
I am sure it was like the one pictured above made by Greener.

Badger- the Greener guns like the one shown above use a bar with two posts for coiling the line, and that approach is pretty much unique to the Greeners.
There are a number of .45-70 line throwing guns, mostly converted trapdoor Springfields or Naval Company models (including some by Harrington & Richardson) based on top break shotgun style actions with extra heavy barrels, but all those use canisters to hold the shot line (sometimes attached to the gun, other times hand held by a helper, instead of the bar with posts.

There are a few harpoon guns made from trapdoors by Francis Bannerman of New York, which were basically the same as line throwing guns, but with a fluked projectile instead of a rod type projectile with no point or barbs. I have studied line throwing guns, but do not know much about harpoon guns, so there may be other examples I am not aware of.

Various .45-70 blanks were used with these, either the U.S. Navy Mark I or M32, or commercially loaded blanks, some black powder and some smokeless with light, medium or heavy loads.