Harpoon projection & projectile ammunition

Found these interesting photos of a round being auctioned. The seller is calling it a “Harpoon Cartridge”. Anyhow, as much as whaling makes me sick to my stomach, I did find this case interesting and figured I would post the pics here for you guys to see. I learned from CSA, that their are special rounds to project harpoon as well as ones that are located in the tip of the harpoon. Any of you have a collection of these?

Another great threat to start. There are many harpoon cartridges both for throwing the harpoon and for the exploding heads. This is really off the edge of my interest but I do have some and will dig up some photos.

Thanks so much! I am just happy whaling is illegal now in most cases. Are these primarily concidered blanks without a projectile?

Most harpoon blanks are propelling blanks designed to blow the harpoon out of the gun. There are a few which fit into the head for contact explosion.

The Jarmann harpoon blank is the most commonly seen in collecting. I am sure that someone can put up a photo.

The Japanese pursued the whale forever and still do. I would like to see what cartridges they use for the guns.

Totally did not know that.

The Jarmann rifle was a standard military rifle from Norway and the harpoon blank is the most common version of the ammunition. They are usually the standard brass case with a metal cap rather than a bullet. There are a variety of these with and without caps,with wads, etc. If you run Jarmann on google you will see plenty about this.

That is great info. Is that the size harpoon used to take down a whale or something else? Just curious what military purpose a harpoon gun served? I am sure their could be plenty.

An interesting site with photo of Jarmann gun and blanks as well as other guns.

museumsnett.no/alias/HJEMMES … b_kval.htm

Fascinating site! So it looks like some of the smaller, hand held versions were also used to harpoon massive tuna (Tunny). That guy really likes dead whales. Regardless, he has some great photos and rare historical artifacts from a hopefully, by gone era. It is amazing how those small rounds could project a heavy harpoon, trailing a rope far enough and with enough impact force to hit a whale. I do know that whale skin is pretty soft, so it may not take much to penetrate. Thanks for that educational link.


I don’t collect harpoon gun cartridges but I do have one (you gotta have one of everything, right?). It is identical to the one that you pictured only with a dark green sealant. I assume that indicates a different powder charge such as seen on nail gun cartridges.

No comments about whaling. I do remeber several times in Alaska when out fishing in a small skiff and having one of those monsters blow right in my face. Scary to say the least. Reminded me of Moby Dick. If whales dined on cartridge collectors I wouldn’t be here today. :)


Must have been an amazing experience being so close to them in the wild like that! I’m happy they don’t dine on cartridge collectors either :-). That makes sence about the color coded sealants. I also don’t collect these but thought the case was pretty cool.

A whale is not easy to kill. There is lots of thick skin and fat before the vital organs. The old time Whalers who used hand thrown harpoons were a solid kind of man. The guns make it much easier and the newer cannons used by the industrial Whalers make it no sport at all.

The harpoon guns were(are?) used for Walrus,Seal, any large fish.

My old friend the late Cliff Schisler from Canada told me a story about a Norwegian Seal hunter who ran into a Polar Bear ( they also love seals) and shot it with the harpoon gun which he had. Not hitting the fatal blow the hunter ended up on the end of a line with a real angry Polar Bear on the other end. BAD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL.

Anything which tends to sink or float away in the water is a good target for a harpoon gun.

WOW Great but scarry story! I am sure a bad time was had by all. Those harpoon guns and harpoons must be pretty collectible and super hard to find. I wonder what the recoil is like :-)

Usually a whale will sound or veer off when they encounter a boat but sometimes you meet an onery one. Kinda like you running over an ant with your BMW.


That’s awesome!

The Jarmann harpoon blank, 10,15x61

Whale harpoon,
This is a small caliber FIOCCHI shotgunshell just for look and tracking the whale on his trip.

this is on de cartridge

Reward for Return to Discovery
British Museum(Nat.Hist)Londen

Hi Ohms,

do you know what the Number 2,3 means?


The 410 whale tagging dart posted by Gyrojet was also made in a 12ga version (for large vs small whales?).

Very nice, thank you. Have you seen other types or the box ?