Would this harpoon tip this have been fired from a gun?
23" long with a 3/8" brass shaft.

Possibly a whaling harpoon gun?.
See attached link, a recent article about NZ’s past whaling industry with a few pics of guns and harpoon.

Your harpoon is very similar to the Norwegian harpoon and line throwing rifle m/28, made by Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk. This rifle was made up using old Jarmann actions. Later versions of the rifle were m/48, with Dutch M1895 actions, and the m/52 was based on old Mauser M98 actionsFangst-Kongsberg-M28-Brosjyre-3 .

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Thanks guys.
It looks like it is for the Harpungevaer m/28.
It shoots the Jarmann cartridge.

Do you have any more information about the version with the Dutch M-95 action? A local museum has a Dutch rifle and i suspect it may be the version you are refering to.

Yes clieuwens, I do have the information you are looking for, but this is an ammunition forum, and therefore I can only suggest that you look up www.kvf.no
This is a Norwegian club that specializes in the history of weapons made at our government arms factory Kongsberg. Look at the menu and click on “Fangst og Redning”. There you will find M/48.

To krag56: Yes, these are some of the cartridges used in the Kongsberg harpoon and line throwing rifles. They are either 10.15x61R Jarmann cases and cartridges, or shortened versions based on that cartridge.

Thanks Vidar, found exactly what i was looking for.