Has anyone heard from any of the Ukrainian members?

I remember there used to be a few Ukrainian members here.

Has anyone heard anything from them since the start of the civil war there?

Falcon - Nice of you to think of them! I am in contact with two, including “Treshkin” very recently. They are o.k. Worried of course about the situation in their country, but so far, not in harm’s way. I think they are just keeping a low profile for now. That’s about all I feel at liberty to say about this, as I don’t want to get thrown off the Forum.

Thanks for the reply John.

When I think of it in US terms, it is not actually too far from here to where it’s happening. According to google maps, It’s a 2000 mile drive from San Francisco to St. Louis, compared to 1500 from London to Kiev.

As John indicated we may not be entitled to speak for any of our friends over there but all there are deeply concerned and are preparing for worse times to come and to seek safe places if required.
All that goes with an economic uncertainty and as John also said noone is interested to express any particular interest in weapons or ammunition as this may be well missunderstood by any of the parties claiming to be in charge now in which ever region.
All this on the background of heaviest propaganda from all sides which makes it hard for people to get any straight judgement on the own situ. (ranging from well arranged to simple minded Stalinistic black/white and confirmedly readdressed images and footage from other conflicts wich are sold as Ukrainian).

Regardless the region and the ethnicity of any of our friends there I wish them to get back to peace and safety very soon!

Well said, my dear friend EOD. You know my feelings toward Treshkin well enough, considering my pestering you for information about his situation. One of the things about having so many friends in so many countries is I think sometimes that we get better information about what is happening than do the so-called “Big shots” that seem to control the destiny of our various nations. Most of us “common little guys” are left to accept the propaganda that emits from out various news agencies and governments, much of which, as you say, we here from soldier friends and civilian friends in the the various countries is all pure BS.

No more comment from me. My view point, which I know many think is ignorant and uninformed (perhaps those two things are redundant), has gotten me in trouble before here. Many who consider some of our opinions in that light, unfortunately, get all there news from NBC and the New York Times, neither exactly “scholarly sources,” or the various other government propaganda organs.

Well, if I keep going, I will get in trouble again.

Thanks for your insight and comments, EOD.