Has anyone seen this 9x19 Headstamp before?

I found a (inerted) 9x19 cartridge with this headstamp:

It reads: “2007” over “02”. Nickel plated brass case and primer with clear red annulus.

The bullet is lead cored, GM FMJ with a profile that is fairly standard for 9x19

Sorry for the poor quality photo:

Does anyone know who made it?

Thanks for any info.

Is that a real cartridge?

The style of the headstamp is reminiscent of others, but not the same, as it appears that “02” is some sort of manufacturer’s code (unless 2007) is. Great find. I am envious.: )

New headstamp to me! Don’t even have a guess at this point. The red primer annulus seal looks a bit Hungarian to me, but I guess it could be German. I haven’t looked over the collection to see what else is similar and in this time period. HP used a red pa, but 2007 is too late for them.

Good fine!!!

I’m with John. Wish it was mine. Too bad you didn’t find a half dozen, or better yet a box with a label identifying it since I’m wishing anyway.


Okay, okay I’ll come clean…this is the “headstamp” from the middle of the negative terminal on a Panasonic AA Battery.

I was taking a photo of another cartridge next to the battery for scale when I noticed this. I added an “improvement” with a fine red permanent pen.

EOD clearly knew something wasn’t right about it.

Falcon - you sure got me. The photo looked a little strange for a 9 mm cartridge base, but I have seen some over-beveled rims and other unusual features on real cartridges before! You should have posted that one next April 1st! : )

Fooled Me!!!

Falcon, the color of the supposed to be primer and of the supposed to be case had the same color tone what made it suspicious and also the undefined edge between the “primer” and “case” were odd.

As a real hs on a 9x19 (or better on a 7.62x39 - excuse my one-sided view…) it would have been really nice.


Santa is going to put coal in your stocking tomorrow night for being cruel to old men like John and I!!!