Has later (post 1988) 7.62x54R LPS been found in the wild?

I know the Russians hold onto their stuff tightly. Around 1986-1988 the standard 7.62x54R LPS round was upgraded with a strengthened core:

Its says the change increased breakdown (I think they mean penetration there) 1.5 times.

I have, supposedly a few ST-M2 bullets & deactivated cases to go with them but without being some sort of scientist have no way of being able to 100% say, these are post 1988 LPS.

I’ve never found, or really even heard of any live ammo in circulation.

Has anyone here seen them in the wild? Thanks


The ST-M2 (much later than 1988) is not using the silver tip anymore and is also not featured as LPS if I remember correctly.
St-M2 is around in Russia today and few inert specimen known in the west with corresponding dates on headstamps - think all in 1990s (early ones) and later ones 2000+.

I’ve read any LPS later than 1978 doesn’t have a silver tip.

Are you saying the ST M2 is different than LPS? Or ST M2 replaced LPS?

Maybe something is lost in translation here.


Both! To what I understood the ST-M2 is different and replaced the LPS.
The official index of the ST-M2 is 7N13 and the military abbreviation is “PP” (enhanced penetration).

The LPS with thermal treated (hardened) core existed but had no different designation or markings.

Someone deeper into all this may correct me.

Oh man now I’m confused.

I was under the impression ST M2 was a better steel, replacing the core of the LPS bullet around 1988 as the Russian site I referenced earlier states.

7h13 is an AP round starting 1999. I have a few of those also that fortunately are in live cases.


The transitiuon from the LPS to the PP had plenty of variants.
I do not have it all on hand to explain the various steps and models as it is really hard to keep track of it all without cutting all one comes across.

I am sure recent Russian publications have the details.

You are absolutely right!))

LPS and PP - different cartridges that are produced today.

Left - PP, right - LPS (ST-M2)

The last LPS that I saw were produced in 2015 year.