Hasag 9mm box



Recently I received this empty box , never seen it before anyone knows
what cartridges belong into this box??

Regards 451kr.


First time I have ever seen this box. It is for the first group of the 9mm Cartridges that have the outline of the HASAG “coffin” on the headstamp. The headstamp is in the Polish fashion, with dividing lines diving the headstamp into four sections. / (coffin-like symbol) / 67 / 1 / 40 /
The “coffin” is the symbol in which the HASAG name is spelled out on your box. On 7.9 x 57 mm cartridges, the mark appears with the word “HASAG” inside it, like on the box you have. On 9mm, I guess the symbol had to be too small, so they omitted the “HASAG” from it and just show the outline of the box itself.

What a find! You are now the envy of all 9 mm Para box collectors! Congratulations.


John: Is the 20-round box a continuation of Polish practice? Jack


Jasck - no, it is not. The Polish box I am familiar with and have holds 24 rounds, and the reason it does is because the P-35§ Radom 9 mm Pistol was an 8-shot pistol and the holster for it carries the pistol with one magazine in and, and two spare magazines in a pouch behind the pistol, belowthe front grip strap of the gun. for a total of 24-rounds. The holster also carries a brass cleaning rod in loops on the front edge, as long as I am describing it.


John: Thanks. Maybe the box people made HASAG a real deal on the 20-round boxes. Jack


Nice box indeed!! I have been looking for a HASAG 7.9mm box and label for a long time but all I have is pictures (sigh).


May be a HASAG reboxing - label say Hasag 20 pistol cartridges 08 polish origine 9mm delivery 1/1940 ( january)



Thank you for the information.
Could anyone add a picture of the cartridge??
To find a 7,92x57 with the hasag logo is not so difficult
is that the same with the 9mm??

Regards 451kr.


There are 16 HASAG 9mm lots known from 1940.
Lot 17 is “kam”



Great Box! I have not seen this one before. The headstamp that goes with this box is:

This style of headstamp is only known in lots 1 and 2 of 1940!

Well done, and thanks for sharing the box label with us.




Looks like doing it by memory, instead of checking my collection, I typed the headstamp that goes with the
box backwards. Sorry about that.


Here is the similar box for 24 cartridges (note lot number):


The construction of that box would seem to indicate that it is an over-labeled, original Polish box.
Thanks Fede. Incredible that now we have pictures of two different HASAG boxes.



Makes it 3 now -:)
Sorry guys, the label is damaged.


Two more:

Polish Pionki “Kruk” powder:

Nz. Stb. P.n/A [0,8-0,8] Wolff Walsrode powder: