Perhaps one of our Polish friends can help me!

In September 1939 the Germans occupied Poland, and took over the Polish ammo factories.

The first head stamp of Hugo Schneider (HASAG) is known from 1940.
Could this 39 head stamp (left) be made by the Germans by only removing the Polish eagle?


Anything is always Possible but doubtful. The first one is a pretty typical marking of that factory up until the Germans took over. They used a similar marking system as a the Germans from the 1920’s upwards and also used the 7.92mm Mauser. Many Polish headstamps also contained the Polish Eagle on the headstamp where the blank spot is or another letter code to mark the case metal manufacturer. I have many headstamps excatly just like yours with various 1930’s dates where there would be no questions of Germany even being involved. Hope this helps.