Have a WWII Japanese Beehive mine?


Hello everybody.
I’m new to this forum but a long time collector of WWII Japanese militaria with interest in Japanese Inert Ordnance. This website is a great resource for the collector and researcher. I’m glad I found it. I’m looking for new information about the Japanese Beehive cast iron seratted AP mine. This mine resembles the top half of a German Kugel (Ball) grenade only larger. Various US ordnance manuals picture and describe this thing. I have what I believe is an improvised fuze and adapter ring for this mine. The adapter is cast iron, threaded internally for the fuze and threaded externally for attachment to the mine body. A modified steel Type 88 is used as the fuze. I’d love to own one of these but seeing some detailed photographs of this mine would really be helpful. One day I’d like to try to attach this fuze and adapter to an actual mine. One of these mines went through Manions auction house back in 1993. If anyone has a specimen or new photographs of this kind of mine please feel free to share. And of course, hopefully, I’m looking to buy one of these!



From “Japanese Explosive Ordnance” TM-9 1985-4" US army 1953


Hey folks, take the time to click on his link and scroll down a bit. He has some great photos of a wide variety of Japanese ordnance items.

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I’ve posted a few pictures from a US ordnance manual about this mine. The information comes from “Japanese Explosive Ordnance, TM-9 1985-4” Dept of Army, March 1953



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(But I’ve already seen this over on BOCN) Regardless, some super fine examples of WW2 Japanese ord.