Have some 22 rim fire cartridges


Top picture:The short ctgs are Rem Bridgport. The hollow point is a tiny hole
The CB and BB ctc-gs are H Winchester.
Middle picture: Top ctg is P Peters Cincinatti;middle is US US Cartridge Co
Bottom is an elongated diamond;think it is Winchester.
The Peters case is bigger then the rest. ase dia .249;length same as the others.600
Does any one know when Remington stopped using the U for identity?

Kragman 71, The cartridge with the elongated diamond is a Western cartridge company round. Over the years the 22 rimfire case dimensions varied during production considerbly more than centerfire cases. 10/12 thousands length is common, even case diameter and head diameter vary. Think Remington quit the U headstamp around 1983.


Third picture:

1: 22 winchester auto or a 22 remington auto ( they differ for their rim diameters)

3:22 Long