Having Trouble Identifying a 105mm Drab Green Shell

I have come into possession of an interesting 105mm shell, I have spent a couple of days researching and not having much luck.

Here is what I (think I) know:

  • it was shot from a M60 Patton tank (or M68 gun) … the 0/8 is hard to make out
  • if it was shot from a Patton, then it likely carried a chemical weapon
  • physically it is a standard M148A1B1 shell

Here are some physical characteristics of the shell:

  • 24" in length
  • 14.5 cm diameter at the headstamp (including the solid rim)
  • 11 cm diameter at the buisiness end
  • there seems to be a long solid rod down in it connected to the back side of the firing button
  • absolutely no writing or printing on the shell sides

Any help is warmly appreciated … thanks guys!


  • What gun or tank discharged this round
  • What war or conflict was it shot in
  • year manufactured
  • What type of payload/weapon it likely carried/sent

(I could only upload 1 image in the initial post, so here is another)

This is a side picture of the shell
(again, 24 " in length)

And the best I could do to highlight/zoom in on handwritten initials “VTE” (blacklight used)



It is a 105 mm M1040 Canister made by Chemring in 2012. The M148A1B1 case is the last year of production manufactured at the Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant operated by Norris Industries.

This load is fielded with the M1128 Mobile Gun System (Stryker).



Edit: Case manufacturer added.

Any chance you want to part with it? I have a XM1040 projectile that will match this case.

@Fede - Thank you very much for the information!! Somehow I was thinking it was older than that, but it is sure good to know of its origin and intended gun system. I appreciate you for taking the time to reply sir.

@KaptainsSurplus - It sounds like it would be meaningful to you to pair the projectile with the shell. Yes, I could part with it, I would need to find the right box. Drop me a message if you are still interested, sod we can make shipping arrangements.

Seahawk, sent you a message.