Hawaii proposes limit ammo purchases to caliber you have registered gun for

It has not passed (yet), but expect to see this idea proposed in other places. In order to buy any ammunition you will have to show your firearms registration card which includes a gun of that caliber.

I would think they would be more worried about you buying ammo for a gun you have, then buying ammo for a gun you don’t have. Makes no sense as usual.

It doesn’t have to make sense, as the object has nothing to do with reducing crime or firearms accidents. If this passes, stay tuned for the next installment in other “Blue” States.
These laws are all “Red Herrings.”


This has been British law for ages, unless we have “collectors ammunition” added to our paperwork we can only legally possess ammunition for a specific calibre that appears on our firearms certificate, I have two 0,22" RF target rifles, a Winchester 52D and a BSA Martini falling-block and a Swedish Mauser action converted to 7,62x51/0,308 … which is how it has to be phrased otherwise we can possess the one but not the other … so I can only possess those two calibres to shoot (or three if you speak Governmentese).

Additionally, if you reload you can only buy primers for a case type listed on your certificate … in my case “Small Rifle”.

It’s wearisome … but it probably means we all sleep safer at night.


Same rule exists here in Western Australia. I have to present either my firearm license or my ammunition collector license. If I didn’t have an ammunition collectors license (have to show a legitimate reason), I could only buy for the calibre weapons that I have on my firearm license. I also have to sign for the ammunition at the shop. My details are recorded along with the purchase.

Sounds very familiar to me. I do not yet(!) complain about gunlegislation in Belgium but it is as earlier stated: as long as gun laws do not contribute to public and private safety or crime reducing, they’re useless and made with a wrong vision namely that citizens should not own them because of very vague motivation.