Hawthorn NV Blast

Has anyone heard more about what happened, aside from what the media says? Latest I heard it sounds like an in-bore detonation of a 60mm mortar round in an M224 mortar. And, according to Harry Reid, it happened because of the sequestration.


I would guess it will be quite a while before we learn any facts about this tragic incident that aren’t massaged and mangled by our esteemed media. At least for now we can have the unbiased and informative input from Sen. Reid on the event…

If by chance one is interested in the subject beyond Sen. Reid’s thought provoking theories, here is a link to a report on 81mm mortar issues that investigates in-bore detonations:


Sadly, such catastrophic failures have caused numerous casualties over the years but perhaps there is another reason for this most recent tragedy.

Edited to add: Subsequent to seeing the usual poorly done early reports on the incident I caught a bit of a segment on a network news station where a Marine spokesman indicated that there was indeed an in-bore detonation of some sort as suggested by Dennis.


Lets let the “official” report come out. Tube detonations are common in combat and training. We had a 4.2 let go in Korea that killed some of the crew. “Official” explaination was some rounds were sabotaged with a hole between the propelling charge and the detonating charge. Also a training accident at Camp Pendleton with a 81mm. Several safety violations, too many men near the tube, some not wearing helmets and no manditory communications with mainside before firing began because the radio did not work. They had to send someone in a jeep to the closest phone! Lots of official screaming over that and extra safety training for everybody. Have seen a report of the Hawthorn incident that one Navy personel was injured. My guess a Corpsman.