Hayes Otoupalik (Montana USA surplus online site)

I have had a link to this site for years. It is fun to look at but of recent I have noticed on the home page that there is an ad for a gun show in 2015

So…I presume something is askew.

I wrote an email…and nothing…I further presume something is askew.

Does any one know? … is it defunct now ?

(I did not call)


if you Google it…the same “old” ad appears

(if it is defunct…I wonder what happened to some of the “cool” stuff ?)

this worked for me

Yup works for me too and scroll down to see the Missoula, MT 2015 gun show advertised. The 2020 show info is clearly available via Google search. Thus I’m not confident of the current inventory and pricing if that 5 year old info lives on the home page 🤔

Well seems to me I saw him only two years ago at the antique arms show in Lost Wages NV
So no idea about the site.

Haven’t heard from him in years either, everyone lately doesn’t get email responses from him too. Website hasn’t been updated in ages. No clue what’s up. Maybe try calling him? I’m starting to wonder myself, last contact was maybe 2-3yrs ago for me.

Hayes is fine. Saw him in Feb. at the Show of Shows in Louisville. I heard a while back he lost his main Web page guy so edits and updates have been very slow or worse. It’s always best to call him anyway…if you have some time to kill. He can talk for hours on the phone if he’s not busy with something else.

Nice that he’s ok

Yup, my pal Hayes is alive and well, and well stocked with more stuff than you ever imagined. Think Bannerman’s Island Arsenal relocated to the Rocky Mountains. All sorts of stuff you never even dreamed existed, or realized you need. He welcomes serious collectors as visitors (arranged in advance). After I got my wife to go with me on a visit, she has not said another word about the size of my accumulation of junque. Primarily arms focused, but some ammo, field artillery (complete guns, not ammo), uniforms, bayonets, military vehicles, etc, etc, etc.

Email usually works, and as Ordnance pointed out, phone calls can be “lengthy.”

He runs the Missoula gun show, which is a nice show, in a great part of the country, and a good excuse to get out and see part of the area Lewis and Clark went through. Real American west.