Head Stamps-303


As you know I am not into bullets but a few months back I bought a collection of some thousands of cartridges, mixed in with them were a few clips of ammo. I have got round to taking some pictures of them and sticking them on here. Question to all, is there anything worth keeping.


Only done one clip and some loose ones.

They are pretty run of the mill rounds nothing really rare, but if like me you don’t have the Birmingham Metals cordite MkII round in your collection then that is worth keeping to me same with the Perry & CO Mk4 charger I don’t have that particular one. some will have value to another collector but if this is a typical spread of headstamps then they are common rounds, But and this is a big BUT the headstamp sometimes tells lies with .303 rounds so without seeing all headstamps and rounds you could have a hidden gem in there. :-)


Thanks Rich,
I will go through them and see what (if any) others there are. I will also check the other clips to see if they are the same.


Some of the things to look for are a round without neck crimps/stabs that should have them, shorter or longer bullets in them than they should be.

Where do you live


As all of those cartridges seem to lack a primer crimp I suspect that most of them are blanks.


They are all blanks, some fired but most aren’t.

North west England.



These are the other clips.

As you can see with the “S” stamped one the L/H end is only a hole with a much longer slot, this is the odd man out from all the others. The other are all much of a muchness just some difference in stamp sizes and styling’s.


The 4 round holes came first then the second mark 4’s had the oblong I think some people call it the MK4* with the oblong hole

I don’t have a maker for the “AS” or “AS in a box” nor do I have a maker for the “S” so if anyone can help on that one


One Must be careful in assuming all SMLE Chargers are “British”…whilst certain European Factories (S&B,(Esp. Riga) and FN) did buy in chargers from Britain in the 1920s and 30s, but after WW II, the Italians did make their own ( .303 was still a current Calibre for training Naval recruits, up to the 1980s). The Italian chargers are “Re-engineered” so dimensions may be at slight variance from British made ones (Metric Vs. Imperial). That may also be the “unknown” maker mark as well. Large quantities of Italian chargers have come onto the Market since 2000.

Just a thought.

Doc AV

I agree there are also Australian, Canada, New Zealand and Indian. I believe FN made their own but I may be wrong on that one I am still trying to find out if they made them or had them stamped as FN when manufactured by whoever. Doc do you have any photo’s of Italian ones, I only have evidence of the SMI “Soc. Metallurgia Italiana” & the GM “Giollo & Matinelli” it would be nice to see any more that are out there.

many thanks