Headphones & ammunition


Well, 3 minutes ago I would have not seen any relation. But see yourself:



If I found those here, I would buy a set. However, even though I am from San Francisco, I wouldn’t wear them. They would clash with my necklace and bracelets.

Another 9mm headstamp to look for.

John Moss


Thank goodness they aren’t in 9x19mm!!!

Here is a better picture and description. And they are GOLD so you can even add a new case material!!!





Gee Lew, they say “9MM” on them. I think you would look great walking around with one in each ear. You NEED these!

John Moss


I signed up for their email list awhile ago for when they were released.

I did not have the money to buy the first batch since they are $250, but since I was looking to upgrade my $150 Bose headphones anyway these just looked so neat, and had impressive tech specs too, on par with the high end Sennheiser, and Shure models I was considering, I went ahead and put the pre-order down payment on them.

Also, if you like these enough to consider them, they have two titanium sets that are $90 cheaper and still very good.



Cool! I think Lew Curtis needs all three finishes. Whatta ya think, Lew! : ) Or am I just being a P…ant Extrordinaire again? : (

Actually, I wonder how close they are dimensionally to a 9mm case? Hmmmmm.

John Moss


And of course on the range, ammunition as earplugs.


John, Of course I scaled them from the photo and the case is way to short to be a 9x19mm, but it is still something that you ought to buy.




Lew is right, of course, since I collect almost any representation of an auto pistol/smg case type. I have some pretty weird souvenir cartridges, one with a marble for a bullet, for example, that came from South Africa. In years past, I probably would have bought the least expensive set. Just for the collection folks - I don’t even walk around all day with normal ear phones stuck in my ears, oblivious to the world around me. Never felt the need to have noise 18 hours a day.

However, today, I pass, thank you.

John M.


Once you liked those above you may like to see these as well. Seems to be the Model 1937.


EOD - Boy, those really do look like 9mm Para cases, and without headstamp. In fact, they look like they are from the French silencer load with no headstamp!

John M.


John in fact they have a head stamp it is just very faint.


Gosh fellows I was under the impression that sausage came in casings. If those are casings would guess they would rot in your ears.



hs is:

P120 * 3 37


EOD - a cartridge collector must havemade those for his own use.

John M.


[quote=“JohnMoss”]EOD - a cartridge collector must havemade those for his own use.

John M.[/quote]

John, you are perfectly right - I did !

I have to admit these were just dummies to confuse you a bit. :)


EOD - You didn’t have to do anything “to confuse me a bit.” I was born confused, and that condition has not improved over the years. The unusual moments are the few minutes per year that I am NOT confused.

John Moss


Well, John, if so it will mean that we are even more confused when we compare our knowledge to your’s. So you are doing well with your confusion and I wish other people had a bit of it.