Headstamp .50 BMG

This cartridge looks like a .50 BMG. I can’t identify the headstamp. Should I consider the “51” as productionyear? Someone with an idea?



That is a Russian 12.7x108 (a .50 BMG is a 12.7x99).

Your’s here is made by the Ulyanovsk Cartridge Factory.

And yes, 1951 is the year of production.

This doesn’t fit the story…Finder of this cartridge pretended he had dug it up in a field nearby where I live. It was battle-scene in the late summer of 1944, Flanders. I think I should return to the story-teller…Thank you, gentlemen.

Could someone have possibly buried the cartridge at a later date as a way of disposing of it?

In that case, maybe it could be a souvenir of the Korean War? I know there were several volunteers around who joined the Belgian bataljon. Not so long ago, a widow of one of them handed me over a service-dagger and a few 30-06 cartridges some soldiers used for their brand-new SAFN rifles.

The cartridge could have found its way to Belgium at any time since 1951. We can only speculate where it could have come from.