Headstamp 770

I need help to identify this headstamp 770

Barnaul ?


Is that a brass or steel case? The color on my screen appears to be laq. steel. If brass, it could be an Israeli case. They used that headstamp for some unknown contract.

Is brass case

That is a (early 90-ties) case from IMI Israel. See Punnett page 95/96
Also some others used IMI cases for there loadings. EG I have a fragmentation test by RARDE on a 770 headstamped case


Thanks René

who updates list of headstamps?

The updating of the head stamp list is a frequent topic of discussion amongst board members & moderators, and the issues involved are format, whether it should be open-source (like Wikipedia), and who should do what, either on the IAA website, or off it. I think 2014 will be a breakthrough year for updating the list though, based on recent discussion.

While I have no official standing with IAA anymore, other than membership, as someone who worked very hard on the headstamp list for this website originally, just to see it get more and more screwed up by errors in later entries, computer problems (I am sure) and new, more accurate information, I would vote against it be open to additions by everyone. Any additions should be funneled through one person responsible for it. Of course first, it needs to be rewritten from scratch with the most up-to-date, accurate, and complete information available now. Also, whoever takes it on should either have some pretty fair idea of spelling in various languages, but also the know-how to find the correct spelling (clue: cartridge boxes are a great source for proper spelling of factory names).

Just my opinion. I love working with headstamps, and wish I could take it over, but it is not in the cards for me. I have little time each day - that is the time I spend on this Forum.

There were 2 almost insurmountable problems back when I was working with the listing:

  1. Wide disagreements on the level of documentation/proof for a headstamp to be added or changed.
  2. The database was in a format that only one or two people were able to use (me unfortunately not being one of them).
    If those problems can be overcome the listing could be significantly updated.

For us collectors, I think much of the controversy over headstamp origin comes about on much older / experimental rds which are almost never seen in general circulation.

As it turns out, a very high volume of our website traffic is geared towards the headstamp list, and this would mostly be people looking up relatively common, or else very new headstamps. We should be able to at least come up with a way of adding the universally agreed upon new headstamps which are not in doubt, and this will satisfy (and hopefully endear) much of our web traffic who are likely not searching for the controversial or much lesser known headstamps.