Headstamp. Arabic H

I had this pic sent to me, with no information. I believe this is an H in the Arabic Language on top.

Are you sure? Looking at the “84” which seems to be mirrored as the bunter was done by one who did not consider this the meaning of the symbol at 12h might be entirely different or?

I assume the hs should look like this:

Could be, maybe 2 84…or other character at the bottom. I never rotated to be honest. Lol.I have no information on this one at all other than the picture.

Not only rotated but also mirrored.

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This is another unknown .45-70 headstamp found in China.

It is not the digit 2 (two) but indeed the arabic font hah or haa’. I does not know what it means as headstamp

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There are a number of characters that this could be, depending upon the orientation of the HS:

Armenian Za: Զ Sha: Շ Cha: Չ

Georgian An: Ⴀ Ain: ჺ

Buginese: (unnamed): Ჺ

I’ve added then in sequential order in larger size below:

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Sorry, but I had to look that one up!
“The Buginese or Bugis people or are an ethnic group—the most numerous of the three major linguistic and ethnic groups of South Sulawesi (the others being Makassar and Toraja), in the southwestern province of Sulawesi, third largest island of Indonesia.”

I wouldn’t think that they would order a special headstamp in their own language. That might help narrow the list a bit. ;-)

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or in .45-70 in caliber

I threw it in there to see if anyone would know / look it up.

Gold star for you Jonny!

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