HEadstamp assistance

The first two a reader of my website emailed me the photo’s aslking for an ID:
code 41 with 43 and 44 dates:

MA logo on a 20x101

T17 on an Oerlikon…Tikka?

Anyone know these manufacturers?

I have 1 and 2 as Yugoslavia (also 52 code). 3 is Mecar, Belgium. I think 4 is by Oerlikon, that is their trademark, possibly the T17 is a batch or lot number?

Will #1 and #2 are Czechoslovak 12.7x108.

Thanks Will and EOD. I have the OE one and should have known that one…lol. EOD anmy idea of the Czech manufacture on the code 51/52?

The “51” is the year of manufacture while the others are lot numbers. There were only 3 manufacturers of 12.7x108 cases in Czechoslovakia which started using their codes only after 1951. So your’s here were made by one of these (listed by their latest known names):

  • aym : PS-Grand a.s., Bytca, prevadzka Povazska Bystrica, Povážská Bystrica, Slovak Republic
  • czo : ZVI a.s., Vsetín, Czech Republic
  • iou : PREMATLAK a.s., Stará Turá, Slovak Republic