Headstamp cartridge USE ID?


Can anyone confirm what the SR means on this 9x19mm Pistol cartridge?


It’s a german case from Metallwerke Elisenhütte GmbH, Nassau -> men-defencetec.de/men/cms/fr … angelang=2

SR means “schadstoffreduziert”.
This abbrevations says that it was made with reduced harmful chemical substances.


That is correct for the initials “SR” on the headstamps. Box labels for a similar type of ammunition from MEN, marked 'SX" on the headstamp, often say “Schadstoffarm” which is translated in their literature to “Non-Toxic” and refers primarily to the Barium and Lead-free priming compounds.

My original poorly worded posting here was edited to more properly reflect the correct information, as cited in the next answer after this by “Defender.”

John Moss


The non-toxic rounds are stamped with SX.


Excellent Thanks Guys. I have seen SX but never SR before. This is most helpful.