Headstamp double strike of 7.65x54 Argentine Mauser

This appears to be a 7.65x54 from Arsenal de San Francisco (Córdoba), Argentina, which was hit twice. May some explain to me how it is possible, mechanically speaking? Is the bunter designed to strike one more time under certain circumstances or the cartridge just did not move?


Repost your picture if you would please.

Wow, Joe, I don’t even remember where this round may be after 10 years. I’ll keep an eye. Anyone can copy photo address, but only Photobucket paying customers can see the “unblurred” image (I am not a Photobucket customer).
If you pay for Photobucket, just copy image address, open your account and find the image.
Darn, I just erased Photobucket address by re-posting the image, sorry.
Shall try to find the original round.

Sooo, just in case anyone thinks I have located the actual round or its scan, I did not. But Fede fixed the image, so accolades go to him.

I have a couple of favorite double-stamps:

  1. A 7.65 Mauser with a German DM headstamp along with a Turkish script “Little Mauser” headstamp.
  2. A raised Russian headstamp on a 7.62x54R case along with an impressed Japanese headstamp on a converted 8nn Murata case.
    Two cases with 4 headstamps,
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May we see them, especially the 2nd?

Yea! Really Jon… Those would be amazing…

On Vlad’s pic that Fede graciously fixed, I do not know what to say, but I have seen this before on USGI ammo. I do feel the bunter was possibly running to fast and had double bounce.

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