Headstamp EG on 7 mm Lefaucheux case

Please, help me to ID the manufacturers code E.G on this 7 mm Lefaucheux case.

I am no expert on Pinfire cartridges but I know that the “E G” hs on IP CF represents: victor Ernst Gaupillat. Evidently this headstamp was registered as patent 128,039 on 20 Dec 1878.

Thank you very much!

As I know Victor Gaupillat was an owner of Capsulerie des Bruyères and Cartoucherie du Bas-Meudon.
At least, in 1873 his company had an official name "Manufacturier des Bruyères de Sèvres et du Bas Meudon “Gaupillat et Cie” , if I not mistake