Headstamp FCPQ 44?


Can anyone help me identify these rounds? I found an old rotted wooden ammo crate full of these rounds. The casings were very corroded, I cleaned up a few of them. The headstamp is marked “FCPQ 44”. The bullet sticks to a magnet so I know it is not made of lead or copper. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am very new at this.

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Hello Kegan,
FCPQ is the headstamp used by Fábrica De Cartuchos e Pólvoras Quimicas, Chelas, Portugal
The cartridge was manufactured in 1944.
Dimensions of the case or a picture of the side of the cartridge would help identify it.
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That is very interesting, as I found these on the side of a back road in Kentucky. Is this a common round and what kind of weapon would fire this? I thought they were 7.62 or .308 when I first found them. Thanks for the help!

Hello Kegan,
I believe these are 7.9 x 57 Mauser cartridges.

Thought the case was chromed, and a dummy, but it’s brass ball ammo.

What is a dummy round? And do these have any value? I have around 400 of them. Thanks for the help.

A dummy round usually has an inert or replaced primer, and it is used for training and safe manipulation of weapons. A single round of yours is worth $2-3.00, but not in that quantity.
Since it’s ball and not dummy, I apologize for my mis-identification. Ball would be worth .25-.50/round, if shootable.

Jon, why do you say this is a dummy rather than a ball round?

Perhaps it’s my computer, but isn’t it all chromed???
If I’m wrong I heartily apologize. And I am, so I do!

The casing is brass w/ a copper colored bullet

I would sell the whole crate for $300