Headstamp GC on a 7.62x51?

I think this has been done before. 7.62 case, green primer lacquer. ring crimped primer, berdan primed. No date or Nato mark just GC at the top and 7.62 at the bottom. Dull military finish with visible annealing, six segment neck crimp. It looks to be good quality brass, quite yellow.
From the route it came to me (civilian) I would say it was on the surplus market ten to fifteen years years ago.

Hello Vince,

These are made in Singapore, I can’t remember the factory name. The letters are a simple date code; A=1; B=2 etc. So your GC signifies 1973. I have a few of these rounds in my shooting box with GG (1977) and GF (1976). I have also seen HO (1980).


Thanks. I guess these must have been sold at Bisley at some time? or did they come from one of the dealers?

Ammunition made by (Formerly) Chartered Industries (Singapore)…they go under a new name now ( ???).

Machinery and technology supplied back in the 1960s by Kynoch and other Euro. Machinery suppliers. Top quality SAA makers. Originally Berdan primed ammo, they have moved over to some Boxer Production, but for Guncontrol reasons, CIS ammo has smaller than normal Flash holes (Makes reloading difficult, but not impossible).

PS… Singapore has extreme penalties for Illegal gun or ammo Possession ( including the death penalty).

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

DAG/RUAG in Germany also makes cases with smaller flash holes. LEO training and service ammo (Action3 etc) have them.