Headstamp H on .303 British cartridge


Can’t find in my files the name of USA manufacturer of .303 Mk VII cartridge with code H
Could somebody help me to identify this headstamp?
Thanks for any help


Hastings on Hudson National Brass and Copper Tube Co, New York
Contract 1915-1918


IIRC most of this ammo was declared unfit. Same outfit got a US govt contract for 30-06 and this ammo appeared frequently in the list of blown up M1903s.


Thanks a lot for answers


Is this cartridge in your collection? If so, you have found a rare headstamp.


Yes, it’s mine cartridge. Thank you


TonyE told me that he searched for this headstamp for (if I remember correctly) over 20 years.


Rare headstamps in our collections sometimes depends of the region. I can’t say that this 303 headstamp is common in Ukraine, but not very rare.


Actually it took me nearly thirty years to find one!

The fact that they were sent to Russia in WWI is very interesting. It suggests to me that perhaps because they did not meet British quality standards they were sent as aid to Russia. It would explain their great rarity in the UK, especially as only a limited amount were manufactured before the contract was cancelled.



Found one in my collection as well: