Headstamp H.Utendoerffer - Nurnberg/Nierenberg


I have some A-based old cases made by H. Utendoerffer. Usually the name of manufacturer is attended by the name of the city - Nurnberg or Nürnberg. But one case has headstamp with Niernberg. As I know, Nürnberg is a traditional German name of the city. Also it’s English-style synonym Nuremberg existed. Who used name Niernberg? When and where this synonym of Nurnberg was used? Or, may be, this is only the mistake in headstamp?

H. Utendoerffer Nurnberg

H. Utendoerffer Niernberg


Hello theshkin,

Your cartridge is headstamped NUERNBERG with a typographic ligature between U and E (ᵫ) instead of using a trema diacritic (umlaut diacritic). In German orthography, the umlauted vowels ä, ö, and ü historically arose from ae, oe, and ue ligatures.


Thank you, Fede, again.