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Good evening everyone,

I have a cartridge with the following head stamp marking:

      12 o'clock - .N.
      6 o'clock - 8.15 x 46 

I’m presuming this is a German or Austrian cartridge but can anyone confirm who the manufacturer with monogram of .N. is.

Many thanks in anticipation

John P

N represents Nürnberg (Nuremberg) and was assigned to RWS (former Utendoerffer) in the process of standardization (Normalisierung) of commercial ammunition from 1906 onwards.
8.15 x 46 was a rimmed cartridge very popular in German target shooting up to about 1945.

I came up with Rheinisch Westfalische Sprengstoff out of Nurnberg Germany.

Many thanks JPeelen and tomdokulil, do you know if the dots ether side of the N indicate anything

Just the name of the company abbrev. RWS Thank you Curtis Steinhauer! Your disk has helped many people including me!

Would not that headstamp have included an R for Rimmed? Jack

Not often, look at the 7.62x52 Russian. I can not think that I have often seen an ‘R’ on a cartridge headstamp…

Wasn’t the 8.15x46mm Rimmed a ,318 diameter Sauer cartridge?
I believe I remember that it is pretty close to the old .32-40 cartridge… both power, (and size?)
I don’t remember where I found this picture:

I found this, by accident, in reference to a Martini Takedown Scheutzen rifle…
“Takedown system by Adolph Frohn of Suhl, Germany, a designer and gunmaker largely credited for the development of the 8.15x46mm rimmed cartridge for Schuetzen target shooting.”

Regarding RWS dots, I offer the following:

The use of “dots” with RWS headstamps dates back to the early 1900’s and almost every conceivable combination is known.

When RWS used the “N” hs (= Nürnberg used from c1909 - 1930’s), they used:


There are also (in a variety of font sizes and spacing’s):

RWS. (noted by 1937) . Also listed by Norma in 2007 as produced by them.


.R W.S.

And even dashes with dots (very early) :


I have assumed that the dots were used to distinguish “lots” in some way but that is just a guess.


Regarding the “R” :

" In 1922 the policy was introduced in Germany that the designation of “R”, indicating that the cases were rimmed, was also required.

Examples: 9x63R M88 8x57 JR (Example E in images)

However, the inclusion of the “R” was not introduced on hs by DWM until likely late 1925: eg “DWM V V /M/93B/7x57R/” which is the only “V V” (ie 1925) dated DWM sporting cartridge using the “R” in the hs. It was certainly common practice in 1926, where all the rimmed DWM cartridges have the “R” included. Note that there are always exceptions because in 1927 both “DWM T T /455/8,15x46/” and " DWM T T /455/8,15x46R/" are known but this is a rare exception.

NOTE: In Austria, this policy doesn’t appear to have adopted as even 1939 HP catalogs still omit the “R”. "

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Many thanks for all this information, I’ve attached a couple of photos from my item.



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WBD, John, Jack: Thanks for the clarifications. Jack