Headstamp ID, 5.56x45

1 = SF This is a Frangible projectile round [SF = ??]
2 = HF This round has a dark green tip & primer annalus. [HF=??]
3 = R A This is a nickel, holed drill round, it has a label attached saying from USA. Is it Remington or could it be Raufoss, Norway??
4 = This round is stated to be a Man Marker, two piece case, hollow alloy projectile with red center. [E = ??] and any more info.
5 = [NO PICTURE] same as 4 but with a alloy projectile with a nose section, said to be a target marker. Any info appreciated.

#1, SF, Societe Francais de Munitions, Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France
#2, HF, Chartered Industries of Singapore Ltd, HF is date code for 1986
#3, RA, Remington Arms Co, Bridgeport, Connecticut
#4,5 UTM, Ultimate Training Munitions, Check their web site for pics and info

The first cartridge (SF) is made for the french police “C.R.S.” (Companies R

Thank you Gentlemen, Terry.
I could have listed these cartridges as such by my headstamp list, but needed to be sure as I am way behind when it come to the relatively modern.
Thanks again, Terry.