Headstamp id 8x56 & 6.5x53


TOP = possibly Bulgarian, which factory ?? 8x56 R Hungarian Mannlicher

Bottom = 6.5x53 Dutch & Romanian , what is the TB entwined on primer??
and YES they look better in a proper or almost proper orientation!!!


Terry, your 8 x 56mm is, as you say, Bulgarian manufactured at the State Ammunition Factory, Kazanluk in 1940.


TB entwined on primer is Brand name for noncorrosive primer


The letters on the headstamp of the 8 x 56R cartridge are the Cyrillic equivalents of the Western Alphabet’s “VF” and stand for “Voenna Fabrik” (Army Factory), which was at Kazanluk (also often spelled “Kazanlak”).

Regarding the primer marking on the 6.5mm round from Povazska Strojarne, then part of Czechoslovakia and now in the Slovak Republic, the marking is not “TB” but actually T3. On headstamps, the way this marking is executed it is very easy to mistake it for an intertwined “TB” but the Povazske Strojarne export catalog, from the parent industry Kovo Ltd. in Prague, types this on line in their explanation of the qualities of the primer, and it is clearly “T3.” Also, the monogram in the catalog puts the number “3” in bold type in the trademark itself, so it cannot be mistaken.


Thank you Gentlemen, Terry.