Headstamp id again


1 - What decade or decades did eley use this format [see photos]
2 - P S in this format, who made them ? [see 5.56x45 photo]
3 - GB in this format, is it Greenwood Batley [SEE 5.56x45 photo]
4 - What does LF and OFW stand for on commemorative 38/55 rounds.
5 - S.A.CORP. Utica New York or Chicopee Falls Massachusetts
6 - Ignore Lake City drill round, put there in hast, should have been another PS



#5 I beleive Utica, NY was the where the Headquarters was located and Chicopee Falls Massachusetts was the Gun Factory. Savage did not make ammunition themselves. It was all done on contrct, mostly by Winchester, I think.


PS is South Korea, at Poon Sang(sp?).
On your .223, the GB is a date code (1972), used by Chartered Industries of Singapore.


Eley commercial headstamps are not my forte but I believe that style of headstamp was used from around 1900 to WWI. J P-C will be able to give a more authorative answer.



Jon C, I have other South Korean 5.56 x45 rounds with a 2 o’clock P
and a 10 o’clock S then a 4 and 6 o’clock date.
Is there any significance with the format in the pictures above, or just a different contract specification by a customer.
OH and thank you all.


Just a different H/S style. I know of no particular significance.


My ‘guestimate’ on those Eley hsts is a little earlier than TonyE’s - late 1870’s - early 1900’s (before 1908).
Greenwood & Batley stopped making ammo in 1958 - pre 5.56mm.


Has anyone in this discussion group ever heard of Peter L. Zimmerman? Cannot find the name in any IAA membership list in the 30 years I have been a member. He authored a paperback titled Savage Ammunition in 2002. He claims the following order of Savage ammo production: 1895 - 1899. UMC. 1900 - 1927 Savage Arms. 1928 - 1934 USC Co. 1935 - 1963 Remington Arms. He claims nobody would make ammo for them from 1900 to 1927. Anybody have proof against this?