Headstamp ID help please

Any ideas ?

Looks like Norwegian on a 10,15 Jarmann

Armourer - you did not give us the caliber! If it is a 10.15 mm Jarman (or Nordenfelt), then it is a product of Hovedarsenalet Laboratorium, Oslo, Norway. Packages of this ammo are known labeled from that facility. There is some indication that the ammunition may be either loaded or produced in France, as rounds marked for the 10.15mm Nordefelt are found with this headstamp in S.F.M. packaging. It seems to be an open question, or was. I do not collect these, so if that question has been resolved since publication of the information I have, I am not aware of it.

Reference: Culots de Munitions Atlas, tome 1, by S. Jorion & P. Regenstreif, page 309.
Reference: Cartridge Headstamp Guide, White & Munhall, original editions, page 211.

I don’t know the calibre I only have the picture at the moment.

edited to add:
Thanks Alex and John, I think it will be the Jarmann.
I forgot I had the Headstamp guide !!! brain fade due to advancing years is my excuse.