Headstamp ID of 5.6mm and 6.8mm tool blanks


I just stumbled across these tool blanks traded (imported as they state) by the Ukrainian Metiz Group.

The steel cased ones are clearly coming from Russia.
But who is making the brass cased 5.6mm and 6.8mm with the headstamp “P”?
They do not appear like anything Russian and since the war they are certainly not importing material from Russia anymore.

Anybody to tell?

Here the headstamp in question:

Source is the company website:


On some boxes there is year 2011, and as for me they are more similar to china, however I can and I am wrong. Did you ask Ivan Grigorievich?The site is http://patronen.su/forum/index.php?topic=876.0


Of course I did! I.-G. is as puzzled as I am.


Alex, these are Chinese “Patman” brand cartridges by Nanshan. The standard headstamp used by them is the “SN” monogram (Sichuan Nanshan), but they also offer this one under said brand for export.





Fede, I should have known it would be you knowing the answer! Thanks again!!!

Have you ever seen that “SN” headstamp???

Their website is not showing it unfortunately.




Aaah, that one! I saw the logo on their site but was not aware this would be also used as a headstamp!

Thanks again!