Headstamp ID on .17 Aguila/PMC


Assitance is requested in ID’ing this headstamp:

Also, from what I have read, .17 PMC and .17 Aguila are the same cartridge, is this true?



Christopher, Don’t have the foggist what the headstamp is. The .17 Aguila and the .17 HM2 are NOT the same cartridge. The .17 Aguila’s in my collection have the typical rounded top A used on all Aguila rimfires.
Average dimentions of the .17 Aguila are: Case length .614, overall length. 982, neck dia .188, shoulder dia .223, base dia .223, rim dia .269
The Hornady HM2 case length is approximately the the same as a 22 LR.


The .17 Aguilla is the .22 Stinger case necked down to .17 caliber. As already stated the .17 PMC is the .17 HM2 and is the .22 LR case necked to .17 caliber. The other .17 caliber is the .17 HMR which used the .22 Magnum case necked to .17 caliber.


[quote=“ChristopherB.”]Assitance is requested in ID’ing this headstamp:

Also, from what I have read, .17 PMC and .17 Aguila are the same cartridge, is this true?

Chris, this is the pre production prototype headstamp. M. Rea


[quote=“ChristopherB.”]Assitance is requested in ID’ing this headstamp:

Also, from what I have read, .17 PMC and .17 Aguila are the same cartridge, is this true?

PS: I neglected to mention that this headstamp is on the Aguila.
17 AGUILA- .271 rim, .224 head, .224 shoulder, .612 case length, .976 total length.
17 MACH 2- .273 rim, .224 head, .223 shoulder, .166 bul., .708 case length, .985 total length.
17 HMR - .286 rim, .240 head, .239 shoulder, .169 bul., 1.057 case length, 1.355 total length.
Hope this helps. M. Rea


Since it is the pre-production headstamp, I assume that means it was made by Industrias Technos in Curernavaca, M


The 17 Aguila and the 17 PMC are the same, a 22 LR necked down to 17 caliber. The Mach 2 is a 22 Stinger case necked to 17. I believe the 17 PMC used a 20 grain bullet while the Mach 2 like the 17 HMR uses a 17 grain bullet.

I picked one of these “GE” headstamps at St Louis but fore some reason didn’t ask about it’s origin! The pre production prototype info is good to know.

Has anyone seen the box they came in?



Hey everybody,
Thanks for the research. Mentioning that the GE is a prototype/preproduction rang a bell with me. I too picked it up as a single cartridge @ SLICS. I have two boxes of 17 Aguila, one green, one gray. They are both filled with rounds that bear the rounded A headstamp.

Also, thank you for confirming that 17 Aguila/17 PMC are the same thing. Visually they look identical. I was about to break out the calipers when someone said 17M2 and 17PMC were the same! I thought my eyes had gone crazy! Anyone have a box of 17 PMC?

I have three 17PMC/Aguila cartridge, headstamps below. Does anyone know if any others?


While there was a lot of info on this thread, I see that no one was able to identify the meaning of the headstamp letters “GE.” It stands for “Golden Eagle” and is positively identified by box labels for .22 Short and .22 Long Rifle Match cartridges. The boxes show the Golden Eagle brand, and are in Spanish and English. They include an insignia on the top of the box showing an Eagle within an oval with seven stars around the edge of the oval above the eagle’s wings, which stick out from each side of the oval, and the words “Golden Eagle” below the eagle’s wings. Across one corner, diagnoally, is a strip with the words “Eley Prime” in it. I don’t know the meaning of this exactly. The ammo was made (or marketed) by Industrias Techos, S.A. de C.V., of CuernaVaca, Morelos, M


Do these 22 Shorts and 22 Long Rifles have headstamps with “GE” and the “star”? If so something else to look for.



According to the information I received on this headstamp (I made the inquiry when the thread first appeared, but my source was out of the country at the time), the headstamp on the Golden Eagle .22 Short and Long Rifle match cartridges is the “Star over GE” pictured on this forum. I do not collect rimfires myself, and have not seen the cartridges, but the sheet with the box labels I received shows that headstamp as well.


Thanks everybody! Gosh darn it… now I have to make the baggie insert label I made for that particular round.



Just a bit of information for rimfire collectors since it was brought up on this post. On February 14 2006 emailed Eley asking about the Eley Prime process. Here is what Alan Ward returned on February 17. "Eley prime is a patented system for producing the priming compound in situ ie within the case. Basically the ingredients to produce the impact sensitive priming composition are introduced in powder form into the case We then add water as a catalyst to encourage the reaction acid +base=“salt” + water The salt in question is the impact sensitive hi-explosive lead styphnate & the water can be driven off by low heat. Eley won the Queen’s Award for Technology for this invention which is safe , can be automated & can be housed in a relativly normal factory enviroment. ( with sutible precautions ) Hope this helps. Kind regards Alan Ward. Commerical Mgr, Eley Limited.