Headstamp ID on a Shortened .30 M1 Carbine

Here is a Shortened .30 M1 carbine , called 7,62x31 in France, witch I can’t understand the heastamp. It don’t look like a classical HP neither a R-P.


Could be AP, for Armscor Precision, Philippines.

I believe it is an AP, from Armscorp.
From the IAA Headstamp database: Arms Corporation of the Philippines, Parang, Marikina City, Metro Manila, 1800 Republic of the Philippines (formally Squires Bingham Co.-see SB).

Thank you for your help


I agree, it is an armscorp product.

Obviously this round is a reload made from standard 30M1 case.

I think that the only factory 30 short cartridges were made by RWS and headstamped " RWS .30 COURT"