Headstamp ID please


First is 9 mm Flobert shot and second is .577/450 Martimi - Henry. These is probably from France.

Any guesses?

Vit: Proceeding on the theory that even a partial answer is better than none at all it occurs to me that the upper headstamp, if the letters S and Y represent surnames, is from (or for) an English- or Spanish-speaking country. Surnames beginning with Y are very uncommon, in my experience, in languages other than those two. As for the lower stamp, perhaps (or even probably if it is French) the P at 6 o’clock represents Paris. Now it’s someone else’s turn. JG

Thanks. Every information is good. I also suppose, that the letter “P” stands for Paris.

Regarding the 577/450 Martini cartridge with * P & L * P headstamp, I have searched my library for well over an hour, and have only found one possible match for this headstamp. Operating in Paris in the 1890’s, fortuitously a period contemporary to the .450 Boxer cartridge, was a company called Parent & Leroy, successors to David, Vouzelle & Francou.

I will quote my source, “The Greenhill Dictionary of Guns and Gunmakers,” by John Walter, page 394: "…this distributor had a warehouse ‘Aus Buttes Chaumont’ and a sales office at 10 rue Bertin-Poir

John, thanks for your effort. I think, that the your excogitations are correct. I assumed, that it would she could have be any salable firm from Paris.